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Event Name:Playroom membership 2016-2017
First Day:Sep 1, 2016  
Last Day:Aug 31, 2017  
Location:Eastgate Playroom
Children allowed?Yes
Fee:$20 per child
This event is sponsored by Eastgate Community Association
Organizer Name:Eastgate Parents Coordinators
Organizer Email:(only visible to users on campus)
Sign-up for this event is restricted to users with on-campus locations or MIT certificates.
Number of people signed up so far: 40
Number of spaces left: Unlimited
Event Description
Welcome to the Eastgate playroom community!
This community consists of resident parents and children who work together to provide a safe and fun place for our children to meet and play. We enjoy having a playroom in our community, so we have created these guidelines to help ensure that the playroom remains a safe and enjoyable place.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Eastgate Parents Coordinators using the address provided above.


Any resident of Eastgate with a child or children is eligible to be a member. Membership is $20 per family ($10 if starting on or after March 1st, 2017) for any part of the year until 08/31/17.

There are three steps to successful playroom registration:
1) Complete the registration form below

2) Email us at eastgate hyphen pc [at] mit (dot) edu to schedule a 5-minute meeting so that you can sign the playroom membership agreement. During the meeting, we will take payment from you and provide you with the key to the playroom.

3) Sign up for at least two playroom cleaning days for the year (extending from September 1st 2016 to August 31st 2017). A Google Sheet will be sent to you after the 5-minute meeting. You have to sign up for cleaning, or else you will be charged $50 for each cleaning session missed.

Please return your playroom key(s) to the House Manager before you move out or your bursar account will be charged a fee of up to $15 per key (this is the same fine as for any Eastgate key).

Playroom Rules

Please set a good example and encourage others members of the community to follow these rules:

1. The playroom belongs to all of us, so please treat it like your own home by taking good care of the toys/furniture and by always cleaning up after yourself and your child.

2. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult while in the playroom. Any child unsupervised by an adult will be asked to leave. Please watch your children carefully to avoid any injury or broken toys.

3. If you or your child are sick, please do not use the playroom. Remember that it is easy for infection to spread in a playroom where so many children play, especially in the winter months. Please use the sani-wipes in the playroom to clean any toys your child/children put in their mouth. If you discover your child was sick and contagious while in the playroom, please email eastgate hyphen pc [at] mit (dot) edu so the PC can email the other playroom members.

4. Food and drink are not allowed in the playroom.

5. Please put toys back in their place when you are done using the playroom and please don’t take toys home with you.

6. If you bring a stroller, please park it outside the playroom or store it out of the way of the play area.

7. If you are the last to leave, please turn off the lights and make sure all the doors are locked.

8. In the playroom, one adult can be responsible for no more than 5 children.

9. The capacity of the playroom is 11 persons total by order of the fire marshal.

10. You may invite non-Eastgate residents to be your guests in the playroom, but as the member you have full responsibility for your guests.

"2016-2017 Playroom Cleaning Days"

September 17th
October 8th
November 5th
December 3rd
January 7th
February 4th
March 4th
April 8th
May 6th
June 3rd


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