CETI Applicant check list

  • Prepare resume
  • Prepare unoffical transcript
  • Fill out online application
  • CETI no longer requires a recommendation

China Educational Technology Initiative
Summer 2014 Application

Biographical Questions

Date of Birth: / / 19
Term Address:

(U.S. visa type)
How did you first learn about CETI? Information Session

Logistical Questions

1. How much Chinese language have you had? Please list all Chinese classes you have taken and/or any dialects you speak. (Note: Chinese language skills are not required to apply or be accepted into this program. We use your response to this question to help us form teams that have at least one fluent Chinese speaker.)
2. Do you have any teaching experience? What did you teach? How old were your students?
3. Have you ever been to China? Under what circumstances have you been to China?
4. What subjects do you think you may be interested in teaching? How do you want to teach these subjects? (This is not binding if you are accepted to the program.)

Short Answer Questions
We recommend you compose your answers elsewhere, then just paste them into the form fields.
5. What first comes to mind when you think of China? (100 words)
6. Tell us about an adventure you have been in, even if it was just an accident- what did you learn from it? (250 words)
7. What are some characteristics you would look for in team members (be creative)? What are the ideal characteristics in terms of teaching and in terms of travel. (200 Words)
8. Write a 100 word (max) elevator pitch for yourself (like a mini-recommendation).
Questions 9 - 12 are completely optional!
9. OPTIONAL: Would you take a 1-way ticket to China if someone offered it to you tomorrow/the day you graduated? (75 words)
10. OPTIONAL: If you could only know 10 words in Chinese, would they be related to;
(50 words)
  • Food?
  • Bargaining?
  • Politeness (please, thank you, etc.)?
  • Politics?
  • The location of key places like the embassy, airport, and toilet?
  • Come up with your own list.
    11. OPTIONAL: If you could only carry 5 items with you in China, what would they be? Suggestions: Toilet paper, laptop, sunscreen, chihuahua (50 words)
    12. OPTIONAL: If you could ask CETI-exec to answer 1 question perfectly honestly, what would it be?
    Upload Documents
    Please submit documents in odt, pdf, html, txt, or doc format.

    Academic transcript:
    (save the transcript from Websis as html, for freshman just include a list of current courses)
    Apply for 2014!

    Questions? ceti-exec@mit.edu