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Event Information
Event Name:Bicycle Temporary Storage Request
First Day:Oct 1, 2006  
Last Day:Aug 31, 2014  
Location:PH Storage Room
RSVP By:Aug 31, 2010  
Organizer Name:Eastgate Community Association
Organizer Email:(only visible to users on campus)
Number of people signed up so far: 50
Number of spaces left: Unlimited
Event Description
Bicycle Temporary-Storage Request This form is for the use of those individuals who have requested a bicycle license sticker from the MIT Police but not yet received it, and wish to store their bicycle in the PH storage room before the sticker arrives via campus mail. Note that you may only complete this form once per bicycle, and bicycles must be registered with Eastgate within 4 weeks of completing this form. In addition to completing this form, you must attach a piece of paper to the upper part of the bicycle frame containing your name and apartment number. This information must be clearly visible at all times. If it is not visible, your bicycle will be treated as unregistered. If you have already received your registration sticker, ensure it is attached to your bike, then register your bike with Eastgate here instead. All fields are required. Please complete this form separately for each bicycle you own (enter "1" as the number of adults attending)


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